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New product alert - integrated Weather service for safe navigation

Every day, mariners all over the world plan voyages along major trade routes, sometimes under extreme weather conditions.

Through our collaboration with MeteoGroup, we have introduced a new Weather service, which is fully integrated into the OneOcean platform. It helps create quicker, safer and more efficient passage plans, giving you all the information you need while reducing the number of administrative tasks, allowing you to focus on navigation.

An integral part of the PassageManager application, our flexible, cost-effective Weather module allows mariners to view weather data overlaid onto ENCs as well as environmental information.

What is the new integrated weather service in OneOcean?

Watch it in action


Consider Weather to:

  • Optimise routes for best ETA, fixed ETA or the lowest fuel costs
  • Use route optimisation that adheres to Vessel Traffic Separation schemes
  • Set weather thresholds to avoid specific weather parameters
  • Review a range of optimised routes side-by-side to make the best possible decision on which route to take

Ensure your navigators have all the information needed during route planning, setting limits and warning notifications, without having to lose themselves in different windows and applications.

Alongside the Weather service, the OneOcean platform will also provide you with easy access to all our other traditional services. Find out more about these services here.

Contact us to find out more about this new service, or trial it for free.

Are you a MetManager Customer?

Note that this service will soon be terminating.  Please contact us as soon as possible for an upgrade to our new Weather service through OneOcean : not only to ensure uninterrupted service, but also a much enhanced one!  So don't delay - contact us today. We look forward to assisting you.

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