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Netherlands Flag State added to Regs4ships

Netherlands Flag State regulations added to the ChartCo portfolio

ChartCo is proud to announce the launch of the Netherlands flag state regulations within its already comprehensive Regs4ships solution, part of ChartCo OneOcean, its recently launched e-navigation and compliance platform.

Regs4ships combines flag state compliance documentation with IMO, ILO and EU legislation, providing an overall regulatory solution for the commercial shipping, oil and gas and cruise industries, flag inspectors and class surveyors.

The fully digital solution is now available for Netherlands flag state regulations, with all documents presented in the English language, enabling safe passage for all vessels sailing under the Dutch flag.

In a time of increasing and changing regulations, mariners are continually faced with the challenge of ensuring compliance. With a multitude of information sources available and frequent regulatory amendments, compliance is becoming a major challenge as management companies and owners strive to maintain a high quality fleet. Regs4ships helps with the complexities of keeping on top of maritime regulations, often a manual process involving considerable man-hours onshore and onboard to manage and provide awareness and consistency across the fleet.

Regs4shps keeps fleets compliant with the latest changes to regulations while helping shoreshide teams identify and implement future changes well ahead of them coming into force. It significantly reduces the risk of missing vital information about new regulations that could affect their business.

Another recent development in this product line is ChartCo’s Over the Air (OTA) update solution. OTA automatically updates the Regs4ships database with the latest regulations and eliminates issues typically associated with CD/DVD media such as delayed arrivals, damaged goods, additional freight costs and human error with crew intervention. OTA also has the benefit of contributing to a positive carbon footprint.

Regs4ships can help ship managers and crew to work smart, buy back precious time and eliminate regs-related uncertainty.

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Was launched in 2001 and is currently used by over 400 shipping companies and 4,500 vessels globally. Now integrated into ChartCo OneOcean, it covers 24 flag states. A dedicated Regs4ships team of mariners and maritime experts applies 300+ regulatory and document changes each month, meaning crews don’t have to. Regs4ships’ green credentials can assist organisations with ISO:14001 accreditation.

ChartCo OneOcean
Using navigation, port, route, tidal, weather, environmental data and more, OneOcean creates comprehensive and fully customised passage plans within minutes. The plans meet bridge procedure guides, Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW) and can be varied to meet individual vessel requirements. Plans can then be monitored and adapted from the shoreside OneOcean platform, which now also provides integrated weather solutions along with vessel tracking, regulatory and environmental compliance management capability.