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OneOcean Coronavirus Statement

OneOcean Coronavirus Statement

The Coronavirus is having a major impact across the world. The effect on the maritime industry is far reaching and concerning, especially if it continues for a number of months.

As a supplier to the industry, we want to assure our customers that the risk to our operations is low. We are taking measures to reduce any impact on the provision and delivery of services.

As an organisation we have had in place a disaster recovery plan for an extensive period of time. The plan is regularly reviewed to ensure the business is able to continue operations, taking into account the latest advice from the World Health Organisation and Local Governments for each of our offices.

Please be assured that we are paying extremely close attention to this situation on a continuous basis. Should guidelines change then we will review and respond appropriately with updated measures and precautions as a priority.

In light of recent circumstances and the potential impact to ways of working, we have put in place a number of measures to support our staff and customers.

These include:  

Limiting travel of staff to affected regions, including visits to vessels

Setting up and enabling office-based staff to work-from-home

Continuity in the delivery of Services:

For our digital services:

The customer service, onboarding and support teams can provide remote support.

The digital publications and ENCs can easily be added and accessed by onshore and onboard teams, minimising the impact to operations.

 For physical and paper products

OneOcean has 3 warehouse locations across the world in London, Montreal and Singapore. Each location stocks a supply of physical and paper products including publications and charts, as well as the ability to print on demand. 

It is very unlikely that all 3 locations would be affected at the same time, so we would always be able to dispatch products to customers from at least one location. 

We are also working with those remaining customers who haven’t yet moved to a fully digital solution to remove any remaining risk of our 3 warehouses being out of operation simultaneously. 

For more details on this please contact OneOcean through your normal channels.

To assist the industry, OneOcean has set up a Coronavirus page which collates and provides the latest guidance, legislation and incidences in the maritime industry in one place. The page can be accessed here:

OneOcean operates on a partnership basis with all our customers. Should there be any specific concerns please get in touch with your key contact to discuss these.