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PassageManager is our flagship software for e-navigation, route and passage planning, data updates management and a range of other services.

Its intuitive interface provides 'at a glance' views of all updates and their status. With minimal clicks, paper and electronic product catalogues and outfits can be displayed together with any correction or permit status.

PassageManager makes easy management of your digital and paper data library. Plus, fully automated routeing and distance tables mean routes can be created almost instantaneously and transferred to and from the ECDIS. It also fully integrates with third party applications such as Admiralty TotalTide.

Using product, port, route, tidal, weather data and more, PassageManager creates comprehensive and fully customised passage plans within minutes. Plans meet bridge procedure guides, Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW) and can be varied to meet individual vessel requirements. The easy-to-follow wizard gives confidence and peace of mind as no part of the process is missed. Passage plans can be saved, exported and recalled for quick modification or approval at any time.

With the increasing use of electronic data resulting in changes to purchasing and updating activities, PassageManager allows baskets of product requirements to be automatically generated from the route and sent to either the on-shore office for approval or direct to ChartCo. The supply of permits is fully automated and takes just a few minutes.

But there's much more to this platform than data updates. Traditional methods of updating ENC data is through CDs or DVDs which means a ship can never be truly up-to-date. PassageManager allows ENC cells to be downloaded individually or as folios, making sure vessels have access to any new cell or new edition as soon as notification has been received, whilst still minimising data costs.

See PassageManager in action:


PassageManager brings together all ChartCo products and services in one easy viewer.

'At a glance' monitoring of product status for any route. Once plotted, the route can be 'filled in' with paper and/or digital products required. The system automatically provides the status of each product using a simple colour code.

With built-in passage planning, users can easily identify products not currently in the ship's outfit and which electronic products require a valid permit. These paper products and permits can then be ordered from the vessel's chosen supplier.

Key Features

  • Integrated automatic routeing and distance tables allowing creation of navigationally accurate port-to-port routes within a few seconds
  • Automatic overlay of products on to the route
  • Import and export routes to and from ECDIS
  • Integrates with tidal and weather data to create comprehensive passage plans
  • Allows products to be purchased at the click of a button
  • Download individual new edition ENC cells from ChartCo
  • Allows easy management of both paper and electronic data
  • Comprehensive passage planning within a fraction of the time of more traditional methods
  • SQUAT calculations
  • Rhumb line and great circle routes

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