53 Metre Yacht - Case Study

ChartCo Superyacht Services has developed business relationships with many of the AMELS 53 metre series of which, there are currently twelve afloat. These beautifully crafted Dutch built motor yachts are ideally suited for both private and commercial use, having an extensive cruising range and accommodation tailored to the requirements of each individual owner.

Our first contact with one of the series was with the project manager on the telephone. An extended conversation/consultation revealed the vessel was to be Cayman registered, unlimited MCA compliance, full ISM, an ECDIS equipped bridge and destined for full commercial use around the world. The initial cruising itinerary was to be a shakedown trip up to Norway followed by a delivery cruise down to Gibraltar and then extensive Mediterranean charter cruising plus possible high latitude activity.

Having prepared a first draft proposal we arranged to visit the vessel in Holland at the yard, where we discussed the vessel's operational requirements in detail, and substantially refined our recommendations. In this case, the detail went down as far as the type of dividers the navigating officers preferred to use. Most importantly, at this stage we were also able to rationalise the budget by gaining an in-depth understanding of the cruising programme and were therefore able to offer a tailored paper and electronic chart solution. The focus with this vessel was to be able to supply and update both paper charts and electronic charts whilst the vessel was on the move, sometimes to previously unplanned destinations.

Keeping charts up to date and compliant is vital, as is the ability to supply permits to allow safe navigation in new cruising grounds. To manage the paper and electronic charts, and the publication inventory, we recommended PassageManager. Updates would be received on a weekly basis, with new editions supplied through the services team to keep the publications current. We also placed a series of base data CDs on-board to enable the vessel to access new charts with emailed permits in any area of their choice. These new charts are then added to the vessel's inventory within PassageManager and updated along with the others. When the vessel leaves a particular cruising ground, the charting for that area can become dormant, and paper charts returned for free storage. PassageManager allows the navigating officer to manage only those charts that are operational, reducing the workload substantially. Also, and importantly, the PassageManager system can prepare a range of reports, which are accepted by auditors and assist greatly in further time saving when reporting chart and publication activity.

A tailored service for a beautifully tailored yacht.